Things to remember when you are in a local island

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You are in Muslim country” you must keep this in your mind when you are in a local island and you should not do anything that might offend locals believes.

In a local island you must avoid doing following things at any cost

In Short

  • No Alcohol
  • No Porn
  • No Pork
  • No Bikini
  • No religious photos or symbols
  • No Fishing
  • No littering
  • Don’t Take anything from the Sea / Beach
  • No showing Intimacy
  • Don’t take your pets with you

No Alcohol

All the local islands in Maldives are dry islands and it is against the Maldivian law to use alcohol or any products made using alcohol as an ingredient . However all the resorts in private islands have alcohol and you can arrange a visit to one of these islands if you wish to have a drink.

As you are a tourist, police might not issue any penalty or punishment (🤞 Fingers Crossed). but for sure you will have to face lot of inconvenience if caught having alcohol in a local island.

Most of the Maldivians treat alcohol as a sinful thing and it is also a banned product by law for them. so never try to offer alcohol to any Maldivian. This can cause lots of problems for you in a local island.

No Porn/ No Sex toys

Maldives have a ban on all kind of Pornographic materials and Sex Toys. Maldivian custom will confiscate any of these prohibited goods if they find it with you and most likely return it when you are going out of the county.

No Pork

Islamic law forbidden eating pork for Muslims. So you won’t be able to find any pork on local islands. However some private resorts in Maldives serve pork. It will be a good idea to contact your resort in advance to confirm if they serve pork or not.